Harry Potter Author Brilliantly Outsmarts Piers Morgan (TWEETS/VIDEO)

J.K. Rowling and Piers Morgan have been battling it out on social media for a while. They have fought over all sorts of things including Trump. As it was Valentine’s Day, Rowling tweeted the following:

Well it seems the tweet was a trap for Trump apologist Piers Morgan and guess who fell for it hook line and sinker? Morgan replied with this:


The best things about it was that the words of praise were actually written by Morgan himself in 2010 and published in the Daily Mail. It seems he was once full of admiration for the successful author.

Since the tweets, many people have applauded Rowling’s clever dig at Morgan. Nick Brennan tweeted:


It seems Morgan tried to cover by pretending he knew he had written the kind words about the Harry Potter author:

Appearing on Tucker Carlson, Morgan called Rowling part of the “hysterical left” and a “serial loser.” He also admitted that he had in fact:

“…Never read a word of Harry Potter.”

How ignorant! To think he wrote all of those kind words about her without even reading any of her super successful writing. Harry Potter is ultimately about good vs evil. It also touches on the point that everyone is capable of both. The book series shames bullies and praises kindness.

It seems Morgan has adopted the similar bullying language of Trump. Calling talented and respected people ‘losers’ or ‘has-beens’ is part of Trump’s primary school level of lashing out.

Morgan replied to another tweet suggesting he and Rowling should get a room:

With this:

Calling J.K. Rowling hysterical is a prime example of chauvinism and stereotyping women as irrational. Please! The fact that you could swoon over the woman’s written work that you now claim to have never read for a newspaper article seven years ago seems mighty flaky.

Everyone has a right to their opinion and even though Morgan says that he would not have voted for Trump, he sure finds himself defending him daily.

Morgan’s latest feud on twitter is with actor Don Cheadle again over Trump. See a snippet of their debate here:


Watch Piers Morgan talk with Tucker Carlson:

Featured image via YouTube.