Trump’s EPA Pick Called Climate Change A ‘Religious Belief’ (VIDEO)

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, has been an avid climate change denier for years. He has attempted to downplay his beliefs during Senate hearings ever since it was announced that he’s Trump’s choice to lead the EPA. However, it’s not hard to find direct quotes from him denying climate change.

The ‘Religion’ Of Climate Change

Over the past year, Pruitt has given multiple interviews to the Oklahoma-based radio show Exploring Energy. During these interviews, he has shown a far less moderate side. In April of 2016, he discussed the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, the former president’s signature climate regulation. In this discussion, Pruitt expressed heavy skepticism about the plan’s necessity. He went as far as to claim that to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a strong environmental advocate, climate change is simply a “religious belief,” saying:

“…This Senator from Rhode Island during the midst of the testimony was just – it is just a religious belief for him and for others.”

Pruitt went even further:

“[Climate change] is truly about the suppression of free speech and the suppression of ideas.”

The Hypocrisy Of Denial

Trump’s pick for head of the EPA blatantly disregards facts and scientific consensus that point to human-influenced climate change. In an October 2016 appearance on Exploring Energy, Pruitt hypocritically stated:

“What’s happening – it’s a political bumper sticker. You have the administration using climate action as a way to wedge Republicans and Democrats, win presidential elections, congressional seats, and to go on this worldwide Al Gore type of tour to get applause of international folks. And what it’s doing, it’s hurting our country.”

Thank god we will soon have someone leading the EPA that will help destroy our climate and environment out of the goodness of his own heart, rather than political maneuvering. In all honesty, how stupid does Scott Pruitt think we are? It couldn’t be more blindingly obvious that he’s taking this climate change denier stance in order to cater to big business.

Moving Forward, Yet Falling Backwards

The Senate will most likely hold a floor vote on Pruitt’s confirmation as EPA administrator later this week. It is expected that he will be confirmed, despite the public protests and criticism from both current and former EPA employees.

Not only is our future head of the EPA a climate change denier, but he has also sued the Environmental Protection Agency 14 times as Oklahoma’s attorney general. We will soon have an anti-EPA, climate change denier running our most important federal environmental agency. Sometimes it just feels like everything is on fire and Trump is standing there with a can of gasoline and box of matches. I guess we’ll find out soon whether Pruitt is the gasoline or the match.

Watch the video below to see Sen. Bernie Sanders school Scott Pruitt on climate change:

Featured Image: A Screengrab from Greenpeace Twitter.

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