The Daily Show Has An App That Makes Trump Tweets Look Like A Kid Scribbled Them

Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, has come out with the most amazing new app ever created. This wondrous download to your computer makes President Trump’s tweets look as if they were scribbled by an eight year old in crayon.

You can obviously tell when reading Trump’s original tweeting rants that he may not be in control of the English language, or his temper-tantrums for that matter but once these emotional breakdowns are transformed into crayon scribbles, it is more than obvious our president is nothing more than a spoiled kid.

In all reality I’ve actually seen five year old kids with more comprehensive thought processes than some of the tweets that come out of the president and his regime. Either way, this app is absolutely brilliant. The Make Trump Tweets Eight Again app site states they are there to:

“Convert Trump’s tweets into their rightful state: a child’s scribble.”

The app can be downloaded here.

If you have watched even one of Trevor Noah’s comedic rants on Trump and his team you will be very familiar with his commentary that is both enlightening and funny at the same time.

Featured image via Make Trump Tweets Eight Again.

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