DETAILS: Truth About Kellyanne Conway’s Involvement In Hate Against Muslims And Immigrants

While President Trump’s administration battens down the hatches and continues to push for a complete Muslim ban, immense attention is has been given to Steve Bannon, a pronounced racist. However, even with Kellyanne Conway’s ridiculous “alternative facts,” and “massacre at Bowling Green,” not much has been said about her ties to anti-Muslim, and anti-immigration stances.

When it all comes down to it Conway is involved in just as much racist rhetoric as Bannon, she just doesn’t voice it to the public. Instead, Conway has been found to be linked to some of the most anti-immigration, anti-Muslim organizations in the country. In an article on NickiSwift, it is explained how her polling company is used for political “alternative facts,” stating:

“In 2015, Conway’s polling company conducted a poll on behalf of anti-Muslim think tank the Center for Security Policy, which is run by conservative conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney. According to their website, Conway has done work for the Center for Security policy dating back to at least 1998. Gaffney—who frequently writes for and appears on Breitbart—has become notorious within Republican circles for pushing spurious claims, such as President Obama being a Muslim and Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin being a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Conway later appeared on Gaffney’s podcast to promote and explain the seriously flawed poll, which purports that a majority of Muslims in America support the use of Sharia law, and that 20 percent believe violence would be justified to make Sharia the law of the land. Several months later, Donald Trump cited the poll via a press release in which he calls for a total ban on Muslims entering the United States.”

To add insult to injury, Conway’s company has also been strongly linked with the anti-immigration organization Federation for American Immigration Reform, which has been technically labeled a hate group. FAIR president, Dan Stein talks about Conway’s involvement stating:

“FAIR began working with Kellyanne Conway as far back as 1996, and we have used her for polling virtually every year since then.We take it as a certain amount of personal pride…she was possessed of intimate professional knowledge of the immigration issue as it related to the voter concerns. And we saw that influence helping to shape Donald Trump’s positions and statements once she came on board.”

Not only does this prove that Conway is involved with all of this more than just showing her haggard tired face on news shows, but she is also feeding anti-Semitic, racist, and deplorable notions to a president who, is not only all of those things already, but can’t seem to think for himself.

Featured image via The Daily Dot.

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