Michael Moore: 10 Things You Can Do To Help Get Rid Of Trump (VIDEO)

Millions of disgruntled Americans have come out in waves to resist our new dictator, the alleged president, Donald Trump. Filmmaker Michael Moore, who is best known for the film Roger & Me, has laid out a 10-point plan to further resist number 45.

He points out that while we all have busy lives, these are things that take very little time and yet have such a big impact.

So unless we want to spend the next four years having panic attacks from news alerts, we all need to come together and do the following. And remember that President Donald Trump may talk a big game, but his impulsive tweeting shows just how much of a snowflake he is.

1. Daily Calls to Congress

Call Congress every day. Don’t even worry about it being a long call, either. We’re talking two minutes, tops. Just long enough to demand something new each day. The key is to do it five days a week.

On Monday, call and tell them not to repeal Obamacare. Remind them that while the United States is a great country, we need to get on board with universal healthcare like other countries.

On Tuesday, tell them not to vote for Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box.

On Wednesday, beg them to block the appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. He’s an old school conservative who will set our clock back a century or more.

On Thursday, tell them to stop incarcerating nonviolent drug users. These people need our help. Locking them away will not solve the problem.

On Friday, tell them to reduce all activities that contribute to climate change. While you’re at it, tell them to remind Trump that it wasn’t created by the Chinese.

2. Monthly Visit to Congress

If you live in or around Washington, D.C. or can travel there, visit them once a month. Nothing says “we mean business” quite like staring directly into the face of our public servants.

And never, ever forget that they are, in fact, public servants.

3. Rapid Response Team

A Rapid Response Team should consist of 5 to 20 people who can act on a moment’s notice. So the next time Trump does something racist like the Muslim travel ban, which caused people to support detainees at airports, we can act fast, and undo yet another one of his messes.

4. Join National Groups

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you’re on Facebook. So join a few groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Get involved in their online forums and if at all possible, volunteer to help out locally. There’s power in numbers.

5. Support The Ongoing Women’s March

Reports came out that Trump was visibly angry at seeing half a million people during the Women’s March On Washington. It clearly out shined his pathetic inauguration turnout. Which is why we need to keep marching, both women and men.

March 8 is the National Women’s Strike and more protests are being planned out across the country. Checkout their online calendar for events near you.

Pussies are grabbing back, Mr. President.

6. Takeover the Democratic Party

We have two days until Congressman Keith Ellison needs to be elected as the new chairman of the Democratic National Convention. He’s backed by several progressive liberals, such as Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Chuck Schumer (N.Y.). He’ll also be the first Muslim elected to Congress, which is sure to make Trump feel uncomfortable.

Make sure to attend local Democratic meetings, and checkout the Democrats’ official website for other ways to be locally involved.

7. Form Blue Regions of Resistance

If you’re in a blue state, simply get involved. Keep your laws blue and show the rest of the country what America really stands for. As Moore points out, New York was one of the first states to make abortion legal. Keep fighting the good fight at the state level.

8. Run for Office

Don’t let the title deter you. Moore isn’t suggesting you run for president, but rather local offices. Specifically, that of Precinct Delegate. You’ll have to commit just three hours of your time per year, all for the opportunity to attend the Democratic County Convention. That gives you the chance help pick the next presidential candidate.

9. Become the Media

As Moore states, create your own “media empire.” Post your work online and share it with everyone. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter-whatever you prefer, just do it. Now is not the time to stay silent.

10. Fight Back with Comedy

Those Saturday Night Live skits are a trigger for Trump. He cannot stand to see people mocking him, especially when a woman portrayed Sean Spicer. Which is why we need to keep sharing videos in which he’s being mocked. He may play the part of a bully, but we all know that bullies are extremely insecure.

Be sure to check out his official Resistance Calendar, too.

Check out this recent SNL update on the Trump Administration:

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter