Barack Obama Has Moved On And Is Basically Our Ex-BAE Who Got Over It

There is no doubt that every day that we get further and further into President Trump’s regime we miss President Obama even more. Oftentimes I find myself lost in the distance dreaming of a time where we had a president that cared for Americans, believed in equal rights, and didn’t wage war on people based on their nationality or their faith.

Pictures float across Facebook showing much simpler days filled with Obama laughter, beautiful gardens, the push for love for all humanity, and a strong government. It is almost like when Trump took office, President Obama and the country broke up and is our ex-BAE is now off enjoying life without us.

We know, though, that he has every intention of coming back into the public, but for now we have these pictures to look at and feel like we need a carton of ice cream and a really big bottle of wine.


Can You Block The U.S.A?


We Can’t Help But Stalk


What If We Say Please?


When You Lose Your BFF


We Are In Two Different Places


We Are Definitely THAT Ex


We Miss You, Come Baaaaack


We promise to play nice, please come back…while you still can.

Featured image via CBS.

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