Can’t Participate In The Women’s Strike? Try Some Of These #SmallActs (TWEETS/VIDEO)

The day after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Women’s March drew hundreds of thousands of protesters to Washington, D.C., as well as to sister marches around the globe. Now, the Women’s March organization has another protest happening Wednesday — “A Day Without A Woman.” Women will stay home from work to protest and show how important women are. However, if you can’t take the day off work, then there are other things you can do.

Author Celeste Ng created the hashtag #smallacts to highlight some small, positive actions we can take to join in on the spirit of the protest.

Ng wrote this about it in Teen Vogue:

“I began using the #smallacts hashtag on Twitter shortly after the 2016 election as a way to resist.┬áTo resist the intolerance growing in our nation, to resist an upcoming administration that I believe threatens to pull us backward and strip rights from those already marginalized.”

She suggested a multitude of things you can do including writing to your local or federal government representatives, giving time or money to a charity you love, and start working to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are just some things that Twitter users are doing and suggesting:

This person is helping someone in need.

This parent showed her kids the importance of participating in your government.

This person wrote to their Congressmen.

Ng suggested calling your local school superintendent and ask them to support the rights of transgender students.

Sign a petition for a cause you are passionate about.

Buy something for a charity in need.

Also, remember:

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