Alabama Radio Station Awesomely Participating In ‘A Day Without A Woman’ (VIDEO)

I love to see things like this out of my state. Today, March 8, 2017, is International Women’s Day and it is also the “A Day Without A Woman” strike. Many women are taking the day off paid and unpaid work and not shopping today. Businesses were urged to close for the day. There are other small things we can do to participate if you can’t get out of work.

I’m proud to say that one radio station in Birmingham, Alabama, HOT 107.7, is not playing any songs by women during syndication hours today in solidarity with the strike.

Operations Manager Ken Johnson, said:

“Women are our core listeners and these women contribute a great deal to our sound. Honoring women by highlighting to the community how important they are is a no-brainer.”

“Plus, hearing more Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, and Luther Vandross is not a bad thing.”

Two of the hosts, Tasha Simone and Jeanine Johnson, are not going to be working today.

There are many other interesting protests going on for the strike today as well.

Planned Parenthood is open, but the National Women’s Law Center and the National Organization for Women are closed.

Female Democrats in Congress are staging a walkout in support of the strike.

A 10-year-old school child wrote a letter to her principal explaining that she wants to use this day to make sure that her voice is heard. She even said she would pick up all of her school work in advance.

The television channel, MTV, is flipping the letter “m” in their logo upside down in solidarity with the women who are striking today.

Many websites such as Bustle and Romper will not be posting new content today. Netflix and NBC are offering personal days for their female employees.

Last night, the lights at the Statue of Liberty were out for a few hours. The National Park Service says it was just technical difficulties, but many people online think that it was a silent protest.

Here are the Young Turks talking about the “A Day Without A Woman” protest:

Featured image via Twitter.

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