GOP Congressman Claims Healthcare Will Be More Affordable If We ‘Deport The Illegal Aliens’

As Republicans come to the realization that their replacement for the Affordable Care Act is no longer viable, members of the party are lashing out at everyone they can think of and trying to attach blame for why healthcare is so expensive in the United States.

On CNN today, the guest was Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks, who was asked by host John Berman if he was the least bit concerned by the CBO report which estimates some 24 million Americans would lose health insurance under the GOP plan, which has been dubbed Trumpcare. Brooks replied:

“Well, sure, I would like to see people voluntarily purchase health insurance in order to minimize their risk of a significant loss because of illness. But this is America. We believe in liberty and freedom. If you’re going to believe in liberty and freedom than you cannot with a heavy boot of the federal government force people to purchase insurance.”

From that statement, Brooks then went on a rant about illegal immigration and raising wages for American workers:

“And one of the best things to help increase wages for working Americans is to deport the illegal aliens that have flooded the marketplace. Suppressing wages for all Americans and, in addition to that, those illegal aliens have taken job opportunities from American citizens.”

Oh yeah, there’s just millions of Americans standing in line to go pick fruits and vegetables in the summer sun. Total, bullshit, but that never prevents a good racist sack of shit like Congressman Brooks from trying to find a scapegoat for the fact that he and his GOP colleagues have no solutions to the problems which confront the country.

Brooks then added if you “deport illegal aliens,” you’d decrease the labor supply, and that would guarantee higher wages. That, in turn, Brooks asserted, would give people more money to use for healthcare coverage.

Berman reminded the clueless Alabama idiot that the unemployment rate is low, standing at 4.7 percent. Choosing to remain an obstinate idiot, Brooks called that number “factually incorrect,” but offered no figure of his own.

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