Blogger Uses His OWN MOTHER To Prove The Insanity Of GOP Nonsense (VIDEO)

Fox News, aka “Faux News,” often talks about having a hatred and resentment of poor people. They throw out statistics about “poor households” that are just plain ridiculous. They claim that poor people shouldn’t have basic appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.

A blogger on Cracked, going by John Cheese, shows the ridiculousness of these claims by using his mother as an example. He went on a Fox News-style rant about the things in his mother’s home.

When talking about her refrigerator, he said:

“What the hell is that bullshit? She claims to be poor, but right there in front of me is a refrigerator! She didn’t even try to hide it. It’s right out in the open, where any tax-dollar-providing citizen — nay, hero — can see. As if that wasn’t enough, notice that in the bottom-left corner of the picture, there’s a chair propped up against the door to hold it shut, because the magnetic strip has long lost its holding power. So my mother not only owns chairs, but owns so many that she can use one as a doorstop?”

When he got to her medicine, he said:

“Oh my Tax God of the Dollarverse, what is going on? I thought I knew my mother, but this is too much. Here I am, working 7,000 hours per week in order to give the government money, who in turn gives it to her, and she’s hoarding baskets of drugs like some sort of … drug hoarder. This is the true face of drug-fueled poverty right here, sheeple, and you need to wake up.”

Side note: “Tax God of the Dollarverse” may be my new favorite phrase.

I guess I’m living the life that Faux News would find “luxurious.” I have a chronic condition, but how dare I have a phone and a car? I guess I have offended the Tax God of the Dollarverse with my wicked ways.

Here are The Young Turks talking about this topic:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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