Pay For Your Own Security Or Move To Washington Melania — Petition Gains Momentum (VIDEO)

Security details for the Trump family are bankrupting the country.

Many people have signed a petition asking that Melania and Barron Trump move into the White House in Washington, rather than remain in New York. The reason so many people are upset is because it comes at great expense to the tax payer. Melania is the first wife of the POTUS to decide to live apart from her husband.

Over 250 thousand people have now signed a petition asking FLOTUS to either move to Washington or pay for her own security required to stay in New York. The Independent reports that it is costing between $127 and $146 thousand dollars per day for Melania and Barron to live in Trump Tower instead of the White House. This is extremely unfair on the tax payer and this is the cost of secret service alone. Imagine the travel and other expenses that become part of the President living separately to his family.

The petition sent to New York Congress states:

“The US taxpayer is paying an exorbitant amount of money to protect the First Lady in Trump Tower, located in New York City. As to help relieve the national debt, this expense yields no positive results for the nation and should be cut from being funded.” 

Exorbitant is right and this is not mentioning Trump’s frequent games of golf costing the taxpayer a fortune each time he plays, just for the security detail.

There has also been speculation about why the couple live apart. The inauguration famously revealed a few moments of Melania looking, well, unhappy to say the least.

The Trump presidency has been filled with controversy since before it began. As a world, many feel we are headed backwards in so many ways. Environmentally, Trump’s actions will be devastating. He is also hell bent on introducing policy that will hurt the most vulnerable members of society.

It is just salt in the wound that on top of policy, the Trumps are frivolously wasting money on double security.

Many of the people who have signed the petition think they are rich enough, let them pay for their separate lives out of their own pocket.

Watch Melania give her speech this week:

Featured image via YouTube.