Twitter Lights Up ‘Dumba*s’ Trump For Promoting Book With No Words (TWEETS)

If its Monday and the internet is still operational, then you can bet that the pretend president will be posting all kinds of ridiculous nonsense on Twitter.

And true to form, Trump went on Twitter just after eight this morning and here’s one of several tweets he sent out:

If you go to Amazon and look at the book being suggested by Trump, you soon notice it has 260 blank pages. How original! Of  course, Trump loves books with no words because he’s not very bright and has the attention span of a hummingbird on meth.

It only took a few minutes for the Twitterverse to get even with the so-called head of state in absolutely hilarious ways:

Some of the postings in response to Trump employ images to prove just how clueless the illegitimate POTUS is:

Where’s a federal indictment of an entire administration when you need one?

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