The Definitive Glossary Of Alt-right Terms And Memes, Courtesy Of BuzzFeed

Have you heard any of these wacky terms floating around the internet? Here is an explanation of some of the memes and terms used by the uber-conservative, so-called “alt-right” movement.

(((Echo))) Parentheses

These parentheses are used around someone’s name in forums to indicate they are of Jewish descent.


This hashtag is used to refer to people who use anime avatars in various online chat forums.


This is a hashtag used by Shia LaBeouf during the 2016 presidential campaign. It stands for “He Will Not Divide Us.”


This is a code used by Nazis and white supremacists. 14 represents the number of words in the white supremacist creed, and eight represents “H” being the eighth letter of the alphabet. So, 88 stands for “HH” or “Heil Hitler.” It’s literally that dumb.

Alpha male, beta male, etc.

This is a ranking system of masculinity. It started on bodybuilding forums and was picked up by the alt-right. The alt-right are alphas and, obviously, those that disagree are betas.

Bernard the Polar Bear

meme that the alt-right forced into existence. It is based on a completely unrelated South Korean cartoon.


Similar to “owned.” It stands for “blown the fuck out.”

Bogandoff Brothers

An obscure conspiracy theory saying that a pair of French brothers and producers since the 1970s, Igor Yourievitch Osten-Sacken-Bogdanoff and Grichka Yourievitch Osten-Sacken-Bogdanoff, are the “leaders” of the alt-right (they are obviously not).


This refers to becoming aware of the “Bogandoff brothers.”


A self-adopted term for Trump supporters.


Short for “cuckold.” It has become an insult among the far-right.


A far-right insult used for conservatives who aren’t on board with President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Dark Enlightenment

A term advocating for a return to monarchy.


Discord is a popular chat application for alt-right and other conservative groups.

Feelsman Meme

Image via KnowYourMeme

A black-and-white cartoon representing a victim of Pepe the Frog’s pranks.

Frog Twitter

A reference to Pepe the Frog on Twitter.


Another term for being “blocked” or “banned” from a forum. It is a reference to Jewish people being killed in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

God Emperor

A (horrifying) nickname for Trump.

High Energy

A term based on Trump referring to Jeb Bush as “low energy” and himself as “high energy.”


Involuntary celibate; opposite term is volcel for “voluntary celibate.”


A replacement for “lol.”


A term used by Nazi Germany meaning “lying press.”

Meme Magic

A term used for the influence of internet memes.

Moon Man

A moon-faced McDonald’s ad turned into a racist symbol.


This stands for “Not In Education, Employment, or Training” This refers to someone who lives in their mom’s basement.

New Balance

The CEO of New Balance came out with in favor of Trump during his presidential campaign. They were declared the “official shoe of white people” by the alt-right.


A term used to describe “normal people,” as opposed to internet trolls.

Pepe the Frog

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The mascot of the alt-right, a smiling cartoon frog Matt Furie created in 2005. The alt-right co-opted the meme into its current, bigoted form, which resulted in the creator killing it off.

Red Pilled

This is a reference to Neo taking the red pill in The Matrix. Being red pilled refers to finding out the “truth” about society and joining the alt-right.


Image via GIPHY

An angry shrieking sound used in 4Chan forums.


A group of alt-righters who refer to themselves as unfeeling robots.


An Italian disco song by a band called P.E.P.E (as in Pepe the Frog). The record also happens to have a picture of a cartoon frog on it.


Similar to spamming, this is a forum term referring to flooding a thread with annoying posts.


An acronym for “social justice warrior.” A derogatory term for someone concerned with feminism, civil rights, and other liberal ideologies.


An insult used for SJWs.

The Overton Window

A “window” of what the public will accept. Alt-righters think Trump has shifted that window.

Trash Dove

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This is a Facebook sticker of a purple dove that has been turned into an alt-right Nazi symbol.

White Genocide

A conspiracy theory that immigration and globalism will cause a genocide of white people.

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