WATCH: Melania Trump Publicly Humiliates Donald; Slaps His Hand Away When He Offers It

For those who were wondering about the state of the marriage between Donald and Melania Trump, something that happened earlier today in Israel may tell us all we need to know.

In the video below, you see the couple arriving at the airport in Israel. Donald Trump reaches out to take Melania’s hand and she swats it away, as if she might be angry with him. Take a look:

Yesterday, after Donald gave a speech in which he slurred some of his words and said the wrong things a couple of times in Saudi Arabia, the White House press office said the pretend president was “exhausted.” Does the mean that Melania is also exhausted with the state of her relationship with her husband?

As many have noted for months now, Melania and Barron Trump have not yet formally moved into the White House and continue to life in Trump Tower in New York.

One thing seems clear: Mrs. Trump did not want hold Donald’s hand at that moment. It should be interesting to see how the White House press office tries to spin this. What alternative fact can we expect?

Featured Image Via Screengrab