Another Trump Tangles With A Felon – And It’s NOT A Horrible Thing – Will She Have The Balls To Persist?

You would be hard pressed to find anything positive or worthwhile in Trump-related news these days. However, one Trump family member might give you reason to pause.

President Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, has taken a passionate interest in beagle adoption. What is so controversial is that she is working with the Beagle Freedom Project, whose leader served a six-year sentence for stalking and harassing researchers.

Darren Samuelsohn says:

“The Beagle Freedom Project’s stated goals are more mainstream. It has persuaded five states to pass laws requiring tens of thousands of dogs and cats to be made available for adoption instead of euthanized after research testing, and activists say they hope Lara Trump can get Oval Office exposure for those efforts.”

Kevin Chase, the 39 year-old leader of the Beagle Freedom Project, is also known by his given name Kevin Kjonaas. He was recently released from a Minnesota federal prison in August 2011 after completing a six-year sentence for using a website to threaten and harass a company that tested products on animals.

Chase said this about Lara Trump:

“She really wants to be the first First Family member that champions an animal issue.” 

“Usually it’s military stuff, veterans, children, eating healthy. She’s like, ‘I want to finally be the voice of some animal stuff.’”

Regardless of the controversial nature, Lara seems to be involved in some very worthwhile efforts to tackle what continues to be a growing problem. Hopefully, she will persist and make a difference.

Instead of looking to Lara for controversy, perhaps we should focus on her father-in-law!

Lara said:

“I am honored to have worked with numerous animal rescue centers and other amazing organizations to assist in making life better for them.”

 “I hope to make a positive impact on a cause so close to my heart and will continue to use my voice to spread awareness and encourage people to adopt from shelters.”

Watch Louie, the beagle, host a party (after the jump):

Featured Image From Pixabay.