Top 15 Funniest Covfefe Memes And Tweets

This week, President Donald Trump made waves over the Internet with this tweet blunder:

Here are some of the best tweets and memes in reaction to it:

1. From Stephen King

2. A new ED drug?

3. A new cuss word?

4. Uh-oh, Spock is involved now!

5. 80’s Style

6. Another Star Trek Reference

7. A new coffee order?

8. Harry Potter reference, Yay!

9. Spicer Explains It

10. Yum!

11. I’m presidenting!

12. OMG!

Image via The Mad Asshatter Facebook page

13. A new executive order?

Image Found on Twitter

14. Can I buy a vowel?

Image via Covfefe Memes Facebook page

15. It’s been explained!

Image via Covfefe Memes Facebook page.

Featured image via Covfefe Memes Facebook page.

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