The GOP Tried To Post A Meme And Failed Miserably (TWEETS)

The GOP doesn’t have a sense of humor. They tried to post a gif-meme in relation to former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony today. Twitter proceeded to eviscerate them and the gif-meme.

Here is the tweet from the GOP:

Here are just some of the reaction tweets:

I agree.

Love it!

Agreed. The GOP has no sense of humor.

Slow clap.

This looks like where the entire Trump administration is at right now.

Epic fail


This shows just how lacking the GOP is at having a sense of humor. This also amplifies how entertaining politics can be under the Trump administration, at least for people with an ounce of humor (that would be us). The GOP thinks that they can be hip; they obviously failed miserably.

Featured image via Twitter.

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