WATCH: Badass Joe Biden Put This Hedge Fund Manager In His Place (VIDEO)

In case we’ve all forgotten, Joe Biden is still the man. Although it took a while for this little narrative to come out, it was worth waiting for. Last month Biden was a guest speaker at the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference (SALT), a star-studded affair that according to their website is:

“…Committed to facilitating balanced discussions and debates on macro-economic trends, geo-political events and investment opportunities within the context of a dynamic global economy.”

At the event, former GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush asked Biden why he didn’t run for president. Biden responded, saying that the decision was affected by many things but mostly by the death of son, Beau, who died in 2015.

Biden reportedly (and understandably) got choked up during his answer, and the room went quiet. “I’m sorry,” said Biden, “I’ve said enough.”

That’s when Bill Ackman stood up. Ackman is an activist and Wall Street hedge fund manager, best known for saying that the Herbalife supplement brand is a pyramid scheme. Ackman opened his big stupid mouth and said:

“Why? That’s never stopped you before.”

Biden then reportedly turned to someone who was next to him and didn’t hold back:

“Who is this a**hole?”

Whether or not Biden got his answer is unclear, but beside the point as he followed up with:

“Look, I don’t know who you are, wiseass, but never disrespect the memory of my dead son.”

Ackman then realized that he’d messed up and tried to apologize, but Biden was having none of it:

“Just shut the hell up.”

Go Joe! No wonder people are still urging him to consider a run for president. They say that Democrats have a hard time standing up for themselves, but not Smokin’ Joe Biden! If nothing else maybe he can transfer some of that fire to others in the party.

Watch a discussion of the exchange and Joe Biden’s political prospects here (after the jump):

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.