WATCH: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s Face Says What We Are All Thinking And It’s Hilarious

Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin reacted to a speech by President Donald Trump in a silent, but hilarious way. While Trump waffled on and on about space, Aldrin’s face looked visibly annoyed, baffled, bored, and shocked at his words. The beautiful video focuses in on Aldrin’s face capturing natural, yet very expressive facial expressions, that rightly responded to Trump’s incoherent ramblings. Aldrin gives the president a look that is reminiscent of Arnold from Diff’rent Strokes (Google it Gen Y) and his famous catchphrase  “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?”

During the confusing speech, Trump rambled on about how space would lead to us learning more about ourselves and how that it would bring people together, rather than politics. At this point people laughed, and while Aldrin does laugh. It did seem that he was laughing at Trump’s lack of coherency when speaking of space and science. Aldrin looked confused by the statement or joke Trump was attempting to make.

Aldrin is not the only one who feels this way when Trump speaks. The president’s lack of scientific knowledge is apparent in many of his policies. The fact that he has total disregard for climate change science and environmental concerns has even pushed Elon Musk to leave his role on the President’s advisory.

If you look at the transcript of the words Trump speaks, it is not coherent, it is filled with incomplete sentences and odd statements.  Trump uses buzz words, like the real estate guy he is. Last year by doing this, he somehow managed to make the biggest sale of his life and we are all left reeling.

While so many Americans were shouting “Don’t pick him” bizarrely he swung it. His whole presidency seems to be a fluke. Now, just like Buzz Aldrin, we are all left giving that him look. How on earth did someone so unqualified manage to be in the highest office of the land?

Watch Buzz Aldrin react to President Trump’s words in the most hilarious way:


Featured image via YouTube.