What Is Vault 8? Wikileaks Has Pompeo Running Scared (TWEETS)

Wikileaks recently published articles about CIA director Rep. Mike Pompeo talking about Wikileaks at the Aspen security forum. On Twitter Julian Assange has replied to the articles a couple of times now. The articles show Pompeo saying that Wikileaks was going to:

“take America down any way they can and find any willing partner to achieve that end.”

In his recent statements he also said:

“This is the nature of these non-state hostile intelligence services. I think our intelligence community has a lot of work in figuring out how to respond to them.”

Assange has replied to articles about Pompeo’s statements twice now with some interesting commentary.

First Assange replied with this:

This line “Nothing to hide nothing to fear” is a poignant one. Assange is basically saying to Pompeo, if the government has done nothing wrong, then further leaks would pose no threat. The mention of Vault 8 is very interesting. Vault 7 was released by Wikileaks earlier this year only to reveal the massive capabilities and extent of spyware attached to technology, that the government can and does use for spying on the public.

The mention of a vault 8 hints there are more revealing leaks coming that may do much more damage.

Assange also replied to Pompeo’s statements with this tweet:

A fair question.

Governments need to be held accountable and while many resented Wikileaks for the DNC leaks last year, believing they cost former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton the election, they also showed the public what happens behind the scenes. Wikileaks has leaked documents that are harmful to both side of politics and these latest tweets from Assange reveal he will continue to do this.

There is a grey issue with leaks. There is a fine line between information that should stay secret for national security reasons and government breaches of law that deserve to be exposed by whistle blowers. It begs the question, do the people deserve to know if their own or other governments are breaking the law or committing war crimes?

Assange has long used the line:

“If lies bring war, then truth can bring peace.”

The saddest thing about politics right now is that truth has become partisan. We are all guilty of liking the leaks that might reveal something terrible about our opponent and yet dislike them when they hurt the person we support. While understandable, this is a highly hypocritical position.

Pompeo’s recent words show that he is worried about what is coming and Assange’s hints and mention of Vault 8 might well have the answers.

Grab some popcorn.





Featured image via YouTube.