Presidential Historian Says Trump Asking For Everyone To Obey Is ‘What Mussolini Wanted’

It has been suggested that President Trump’s calls for “law and order” and his insistence on people pledging their personal loyalty to him is much like what other dictators in history have required of those close them, and now president historian Douglas Brinkley has made a direct connection to one of history’s most infamous dictators.

Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brinkley was asked to comment on all that has transpired this week at the White House, and Brinkley had this to say:

“It’s in utter disarray. “You can’t really compartmentalize everything, because it’s all morphed together because Donald Trump is unfit to command in my opinion.

“Donald Trump picked the wrong person to be his communications director. He thinks you can govern by chaos and it’s not working. It is true, he has 36 percent of the American public backing him. That means over 60 percent of Americans think that he’s doing a miserable job and the rest of the world is laughing.”

Brinkely also noted that Trump is very much like Richard Nixon in some very bad ways:

“We had a problem with Nixon. If you listen to Nixon Watergate tapes, the secret tapes, and you hear Nixon ramble, it sounds like Donald Trump’s tweets and it didn’t turn out well for Nixon.”

And lastly, Brinkley made the Mussolini comparison, which seems more apt than ever:

“The key to Donald Trump is this kind of blind fierce loyalty, that’s what Franco expected in Spain. That’s what Mussolini wanted in Italy. If you’re asking people to march in lockstep with you — we saw John McCain give the thumbs down to President Trump. No, we’re not all in lockstep with you. So, what do you have? Six months of a dysfunctional White House, nothing has gotten done, the biggest thing Congress got done is keeping and strengthening sanctions with Russia. But it’s a failed agenda so far, and we’ll see if he can get in a new form of leadership going with a White House chief of staff, but it’s been a wreck so far.”

The likelihood that a new chief to staff will be able to change anything for the better and impose discipline and self-control on Trump? We’ve all got a better chance of winning the lottery ten times in a row.

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