Hurricane Harvey is Causing More Than Flooding – Here’s What (VIDEO)

Residents of southeast Texas are working to get their lives back in order after Hurricane Harvey this week. The region is dealing with an array of environmental problems because of the storm.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that there are over 800 water treatment facilities out of commission due to the hurricane. The pollution from wastewater could cause health risks for those in the area.

Thousands of people in southeast Texas still don’t have clean drinking water. People in over 166 water systems are under boil water orders at the moment.

There are also chemical plants that are out-of-commission. Some of them are voluntarily burning chemicals to avoid explosions.

Also, there remains way too much moisture in the southeast Texas area. The cities are filled with the buzz of generators and fans trying to dry out flooded interiors.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) tweeted:

“As you clean up after #Harvey, mold control is critical.”

NFL star JJ Watt and other Texas football players drove to multiple locations to deliver goods gathered by Watt’s charitable foundations.

Watt said:

“When times get tough, humans step up to help other humans. Houston, we’re all with you, you have a whole team, you have a whole city, you have a whole world behind you.”

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnunchin said:

“Our first priority is to make sure that the state gets money, it is critical, and to do that we need to make sure we raise the debt limit. Without raising the debt limit, I’m not comfortable that we will get the money that we need this month to Texas to rebuild.”

FEMA administrators are saying that Harvey should be a wake-up call for state and local officials everywhere. State and local officials are urged to give emergency management personnel all of the help they need.

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