Kellyanne Conway ‘Thinks Like A Man, Acts Like A Lady’ And Stabs Women In The Back

In order to be successful in the largely male-dominated GOP, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway says she needed to “think like a man” and access her feminine side at the same time, according to The Hill. 

Conway Is No Feminist

Since President Donald Trump, Mr. “Grab ’em by the pussy” himself, is her boss, perhaps thinking like a man helps keep her from kicking him where it hurts for being such an obvious misogynist.

At any rate, here’s what “think like a man,” be the “little woman” Conway said in a recent interview with Time Magazine: 

“My comfort level came in learning how to think like a man and behave like a lady. And I harken back to Margaret Thatcher’s statement, where she said ‘being powerful is like being a lady; if you have to say you are, you probably are not.”

During the interview, she looked back on her career as a pollster. Walking into the Republican National Committee 20 years ago was like “walking into the men’s locker room at the Elks Club, holding a bachelor party.”

She noted just how rare women were in the GOP:

“When I went into Republican polling, I noticed quickly that my gender was an immediate source of curiosity. In Republican politics, particularly 20-some years ago, there were few women. There were few women consultants, there were few women candidates, there were certainly few women congressmen and office holders.”

While some people might feel empathy for Conway battling her way up the mostly male Republican mountain, it’s wise to remember that her boss has frequently retreated behind her back whenever he creates an uproar because of his misogynistic view. And let’s not forget that Republicans generally do whatever they can to oppress women in any way possible. If it can be done, they will do it.

Kylie Cheung, writing for Mediaite notes:

“If Conway is insisting that women who want to find success in politics should just conform themselves to male expectations and adjust their brains to function in a patriarchal society, she clearly has no interest in changing the society around her to be more inclusive and less catered to men’s wills. Her words suggest that anyone can find success if they just tweak their brains to think like men and to fit in at men’s clubs, rather than that these men’s clubs, which continually discourage and exclude women, should be dismantled.”

Conway is encouraging women to appease men. While that isn’t always a bad thing, in this case, she’s really suggesting that women should be subservient to men, that we should follow their every whim. Nowhere in this worldview is there any room for women’s independent voices. And in a Congress that is still 80 percent white and 80 percent male, this is especially sad.

And Conway has defended Trump even after he’s said horribly misogynistic things, HuffPost reports. Mere weeks before the presidential election, she said vehemently that her boss is not a sexual predator. She noted she’d been alone with him on many occasions and he has never assaulted her.

So in other words, since he hasn’t harassed her he hasn’t harassed anyone else?

In an interview with CNN last year, she added:

“I have to assess people based on what I see in totem. And this is a man I’ve been alone with many times who’s never been anything but gracious and [a] gentleman and elevated me to the top level of his campaign, the way he’s elevated women in the Trump organization for decades because he respects women.”

Yeah, he respects women so well that he can just “grab them by the pussy” and then say something like this:

“You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

So he’s respecting women when he’s assaulting them? According to The Washington Post, the Justice Department reports this constitutes sexual assault.

But apparently, Conway doesn’t think this way and she became angry at the suggestion that what Trump talked about is sexual assault, HuffPost reports.

So was she thinking like a man when she became angry?

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