9 Things You Should NEVER EVER Google

Google search is one of the greatest things to ever happen to the world. Need a fact verified or debunked? Google has that covered. Looking for a photo of a beautiful waterfall to use as wallpaper on your computer? Google can find that for you.

However, there are some things that should not be Googled under any circumstances. Unless, of course, you want to be grossed out, questioned by the FBI, or in need of eye bleaching, which is certainly not recommended for anyone.

So, with that caveat, let’s take a look at 9 things you should avoid using Google to find. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the long run:

1. ‘Pressure Cooker Bombs’ With ‘Backpacks’

Via YouTube

In 2013, a man in Suffolk County, New York entered that exact search from his work computer. The police then showed up at his house.


2. ‘Bot fly Removal’

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Bot fly maggots can burrow in to human skin and live as parasites. The images of people having those removed from their body is enough to put you off solid food for a week.

3. ‘Mouth Larvae’

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What you see above is a moth larvae. But should you make a mistake and type in “mouth larva,” be prepared to see images that will remain with you for years. A major gross out.

4. ‘Insider Trading In An International Account’

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In July 2017, authorities arrested MIT researcher Fei Yan. Yan had Googled “insider trading in an international account” before he began purchasing large amounts of stock. Yan was later charged with three counts of fraud.

5. Bedbugs

Images like the one above, combined with stories of how common bedbugs are, may have you tossing your mattress and bedding, not to mention afraid to sleep.

6. ‘Blue Waffle’

Via Food.com

Blue waffles? Why not Google that? Totally harmless, right? Not exactly. In 2010, a hoax called “blue waffle disease” circulated on the internet with, along with extremely graphic (though photoshopped) images of “infected” female genitalia. You cannot unsee that.

7. ‘Full Frontal’

Via YouTube

You’re thinking, “I love that show!” But a search of the term “full frontal” is not something you want to do without Safe Search on. And certainly not if the kids are looking over your shoulder as you type in the term and hit ENTER.

8. ‘Things People Have Found In Fast Food’

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People have found items that range from hardware parts to whole chicken heads in fast food. If you ever plan to eat out again, don’t get too curious.

9. ‘Jiggers’

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As most of us know, a jigger is a shot-pouring tool that’s used by bartenders. But a jigger flea is a parasitic insect that burrows into human skin and then lays eggs. A few photos of that is enough to leave you in desperate need of several cocktails.

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