Tone Deaf Trump: The US Is Getting Lucky With Hurricane Irma

President Donald Trump is actually saying the United States “got lucky” with Irma. Yeah, tell that to Florida. Yes, we didn’t get the Category 5 storm that the Caribbean did, but it’s still bad.

Also, saying that is a bit insensitive to those in the Caribbean that lost entire fractions of countries. President Trump was saying that it’s good that Irma veered away from its original predicted path.

Still, the storm is expected to cause $100 billion worth of damages. Trump said:

“Right now, we’re worried about lives, not cost.” 

Also, he is saying we got lucky as he is declaring a state of emergency in Florida. Trump said:

“We’re going to Florida very soon.”

“It’s going to play out over the next five or six hours. I’m going in now for meetings, but it’s all about coordination. I think we’re really well coordinated, as well as you can possibly be.” 

Trump also announced that there would be aid for Puerto Rico. In a statement, the White House said:

“Assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster.”

As well as promising to visit Florida, Trump has seen calls to open up his Mar-a-Lago resort to people stuck in the storm. I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. However, a spokesperson for the Trump organization said that Mar-a-Lago and his other resorts down there have been closed.

Trump also said:

“We may have been a little bit lucky in that it went on the west and it may not have been quite as destructive, but we’re going to see.”

Trump also spoke with the governors of Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia saying that a weakened Irma could push up into those states.

Featured image via Twitter.

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