Sean Spicer Just Basically Admitted That He Was Totally Down For Lying For Trump (VIDEO)

As White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer admitted he sometimes had to lie for his boss, President Donald Trump. He made this admission on ABC’s late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Spicer Confesses

Noting “that’s what you sign up to do,” he and Kimmel reminisced about his stunning anti-media tirade in which he falsely claimed the president’s inauguration crowd was the largest in history, Spicer confessed that he had no problem lying for his boss, The Washington Post reports.

Kimmel, trying to better understand Spicer’s admission, noted:

“Even if you know the crowd wasn’t bigger, you have to go — as press secretary, you have to say that it was.”

That’s part of the job, Spicer said:

“Look, your job as press secretary is to represent the president’s voice, and to make sure that you are articulating what he believes, what his vision is on policy, on issues and on other areas that he wants to articulate. Whether or not you agree or not isn’t your job.”

The interview was alternately tense and awkward as Kimmel grilled him on his remarks about the size of the inauguration crowd, comparing it with the huge crowd at former president Obama’s inauguration.

Kimmel was doggedly determined to grill Spicer on this, the Daily Beast reports, and he asked:

“If it was up to you, would this even have been a topic?”

Spicer replied:

“If it was up to me, I probably would have worn a different suit. The president wanted to make sure the record got set straight.”

And The New York Times certainly did set that straight, providing photographic evidence that the crowd for Obama’s inauguration was enormous. The crowd for Trump’s inauguration? Not so much.

Kimmel couldn’t help wondering why this was even a thing.

“Why is he so concerned with size? Have you ever seen the president naked?”

Now clearly red-faced, Spicer said, “I have not.”

Thanks to Melissa McCarthy’s brilliant and hilarious Emmy-winning spoof of him on Saturday Night Live, Spicer was thrust into the limelight, and apparently our Liar-In-Chief hated McCarthy’s clever imitation. And he ranted wildly about the all-female version of Ghostbusters, which starred McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristin Wiig, and Kate McKinnon. But Trump’s history of misogyny is well-known so this isn’t something new.

But as press secretary, Spicer didn’t just lie about Trump’s inauguration. He also fib-fibbety-fibbed about lots of other things — he backed Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that there were three million fraudulent votes in last year’s presidential election. When the president infamously made the false claim that Obama wiretapped Trump tower, Spicer backed that too. When he was asked if Trump believed in climate change, the then-press secretary refused to answer. And Spicer once described Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in this way:

“You had someone as despicable as Hitler, who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.”

Undoubtedly, Assad is not a nice guy, and in the days since 2011’s Arab Spring, thousands of people have died under his regime, The Washington Post reports. His regime has been indiscriminately bombing parts of the country for several years, and the Post reports that from January to July of 2015, Assad’s military has killed 7,894 people, compared to the Islamic state, which has killed 1,131. While this is soul crushing news, Hitler killed upwards of six million Jews.

And Spicer has conveniently forgotten that vast populations of Jews were gassed to death during the Holocaust, meaning Hitler did “sink to using chemical weapons.”

Kimmel also pressed Spicer on the ridiculous “alternative facts” debacle. At one point during his tenure in Trumpland, Spicer defended the idea that it’s okay to derail the reality train every now and then, by saying:

“I think sometimes we can disagree with the fact.”

At this point, Kimmel looked a bit incredulous and pushed further:

“Can we though … disagree with the facts?”

Kellyanne Conway came up with the whole “alternative facts” routine, and the Trump administration has seemed to run with it, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Spicer supports this, no matter how dumb this idea is.

He told Kimmel:

“Well, look, I think the point is that you can look at a set of — an argument or a set of facts — and come out with one opinion, and someone else can say, well, the facts are the same here, I come out with a different conclusion. That’s what makes our country great.”

It’s nice if that makes our country great, but a fact is still a fact whether anyone in the Trump mafia likes it or not.

And maybe that’s the biggest problem with this administration — they tell so many lies that they don’t know which ones are true.

That should worry you.

Here’s the entire interview in the video below.

Featured image by Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube video

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