Cher Burns Trump Down For Paper Towel Tossing Stunt (VIDEOS/TWEETS)

Donald Trump had a chance to prove he could perform one of the president’s most important functions–that of comforter-in-chief–when he traveled to Puerto Rico on Tuesday to visit those affected by Hurricane Maria. He failed–and failed bigly.

The Puerto Rican Trumpster fire started in Carolina. Watch here, via CNN.

For starters, he tried to downplay the extent of the tragedy that had befallen the island by suggesting that Puerto Rico came out a lot better than Louisiana did after Katrina. After all, only 17 people died–a total that has since been revised to at least 34. This on an island where well over 90 percent of the people are still without power, and half the island doesn’t have clean water. Tone deaf is being kind to it. He also tried to joke about how Puerto Rico threw the budget “out of whack.”

In a typically Trumpian move, the president had several people at the table to praise the federal response. For instance, he asked Puerto Rico’s resident commissioner, or nonvoting member of the House, Jenniffer Gonzalez, to repeat some of the “nice things” she’d said to him in private. Um, Donald? This isn’t about you.

But believe it or not, this wasn’t the most embarrassing moment for Trump on this trip. Not by a longshot. While visiting a relief center at a church in San Juan, Trump got the bright idea to throw paper towels into the crowd. No, this isn’t snark.

Trump tossed the rolls into the crowd like a kid shooting hoops in the street. Needless to say, that didn’t play well in the Twitterverse.

But by far the most epic response came from Cher. Around the same time that most of us were watching this moment unfold, Cher unloaded on the Donald.

Translation from Emojiese:

“‘Let ’em eat towels, I mean cake!’ People are destitute, asshat, throw money!”


One of Cher’s fans was of the same mind. She photoshopped Trump’s face onto a picture of Marie Antoinette.

Cher liked it so much she shared it herself.

It turns out that Cher has been kicking Trump up, down, and sideways over his response to the Puerto Rico crisis for some time.

You speak for a lot of us, Cher.

All you need to know about how well this worked is to see what hasn’t happened yet–any angry tweets from Trump. This is a man who goes into 140-character rage mode whenever celebrities dare to call him out. But he hasn’t responded to Cher as of yet. Perhaps he knows Cher has him busted.

(featured image courtesy Renan Katayama, available under a Creative Commons BY-SA license)

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