Donald Trump Jr.: ‘American Universities Teach Students To Hate America, Turns Them Against Religion’ (Video)

Considering President Donald Trump paid $25 million to settle the fraud lawsuit against Trump University, it should come as no surprise his son, Donald Jr., believes American universities teach Americans to hate their country and turns them against religion.

During a thirty-five-minute speech at the annual fundraiser for the private Christian Faulkner University in Alabama, Donald Trump Jr. defended his father’s response to the Charlottesville, Va. white supremacist rally in August as well as mocked U.S. college campus culture.

He stated the only reason the president faced criticism after the violent protest that involved the death of civil rights activist Heather Heyer is because of the left’s “atmosphere of hatred” he blamed on liberal campuses and traditional media.

About the fall out from his father’s comment that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the protest, Trump Jr. said:

“He [President Trump] condemned…the white nationalists and the left-wingers. That should not have been controversial, but it was.”

Trump never once mentioned Heather Heyer during his speech.

He continued:

“Today’s conservative speech is violence. Unprovoked liberal violence is self-defense. Words have lost their meanings. ‘Hate speech’ is that America is a good country…that we need borders…anything that comes out of the mouth of the president…the moral teaching of the Bible.”

Trump also took aim at campus diversity, particularly the concept of safe spaces.

This speech was part of periodic paid speaking engagements Trump began before his father’s election.

A spokesperson from Faulkner University admitted Trump Jr. was paid, but refused to disclose how much.

University of North Texas’ student newspaper, The North Texas Daily, however, reported Trump will receive $100,000 to speak at its university October 24.

An archived web page from All American Speakers, Trump Jr’s agency, reveals a “$50,001 and above” speaking fee. NBC News reported the page was removed from the agency’s website after inquiries.

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