Republicans Want Trump And Corker To Please SHUT UP

Everyone knows that President Donald Trump’s year in the White House hasn’t exactly been filled with wins for Republicans. They know that too. And that’s why they’re imploring the President and fellow GOP Senator Bob Corker to please SHUT UP and focus on actual things they want to accomplish. You can practically hear the exasperation in this quote from Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa):

“[Trump] needs to stop. But I wish Bob would stop too. Just stop. We’ve got so many other things that we need to be focusing on right now. We need to look ahead, not reflect on anything that’s been done or said in the past.”

Corker recently announced his intention to retire from the Senate, and now that there’s no need to butt-kiss for a re-election bid he’s happy to get everything off his chest. His lengthy interview with the New York Times lambasting Trump on Sunday are the harshest comments from a sitting Republican senator we’ve seen so far. He even called the White House an “adult daycare center.” I love it!

Of course President Snowflake isn’t going to take criticism quietly. He has to respond as quickly and as petulantly as possible, like the child he is. And Republicans hoped that once Trump got the opportunity to fire back, that would be the end of it. Instead, the hits and the bad press have dragged on. Here’s the Tweet he sent this morning:

So Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) approached the press today to plead with both men to stop:

“It’s an unfortunate exchange … I would like to see this end… I would encourage them both to stop what they’re doing and get focused on what we need to be doing.”

To sum it up, the rest of the GOP really wants both of you to shut up. You’re not helping anything. And the rest of us just sit back and enjoy the show.

Watch a news clip describing the feud here:

Feature image via YouTube screengrab.