WATCH Sean Hannity Rant About Crimes Committed By ‘President’ Hillary Clinton

Apparently the unsealing of indictments against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates on Monday was the breaking point for Sean Hannity’s already unstable mental health. And he proved it Monday evening on his show.

Opening with what he dubbed his “most important monologue ever,” Hannity said Russian meddling in the 2016 election could be blamed on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As he got wound up and started his bizarre rant against the Clinton’s, Hannity referred to the 2016 Democratic nominee as “President Clinton.” A few minutes later, Hannity corrected himself and called Clinton “President Clinton wannabe,” but Twitter was too busy having a field day to listen to more of Hannity’s BS:

As he continued his unhinged musings about Clinton, Hannity became visibly angry as he talked about his frustration that Hillary wasn’t indicted for having a private email server. He rambled all over the place, bouncing from the infamous “pee tape” dossier to the debunked lie about the Uranium One deal:

“Of course, they use Russian sources, bought and paid for by Hillary, the DNC and Obama to smear Trump and influence the election with Russian lies.

“Probably the biggest scandal of all is Bill and Hillary Clinton selling out America’s national security to Putin and the Russians.”

What proof did Hannity offer to support his spurious charges? None. Like his orange idol in the White House, Sean Hannity doesn’t deal in facts or verifiable data. He just spins his conspiracy theories and lies, knowing that his core audience is too stupid and lazy to fact check him.

Here’s the segment from Hannity’s Monday show:

Featured Image Via Fox News