Robert Mueller Has The Evidence To Charge Another Member Of Team Trump

NBC News has reported that Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump’s election team and their ties with Russia has enough evidence to indict another person of interest. Former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his son are next to face indictments, according to several sources.

Flynn had a short lifespan on Trump’s team – he resigned after only 24 days due to his close ties to Russia. He has been under close watch from Mueller’s team ever since the special council was formed.

It appears Flynn and son are next on the chopping block, most likely due to Mueller’s indictment of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and from former Trump foreign policy George Papadopoulos pleading guilty for lying to the FBI. Papadopoulos reportedly gave Mueller’s team four names as part of his plea agreement.

NBC’s sources claim that the special council is looking into whether Flynn laundered money or lied to investigators regarding his overseas work as a lobbyist. They are also looking into Flynn’s involvement in an attempt to transfer a rival of Turkish President Recep Erdogan from the United States to Turkey.

Flynn’s son, according to those same sources, could be indicted separately or on the same charges as his father. The two worked together on cases the council is looking into.

If either Flynn cooperates with Mueller’s investigation, it could limit the amount of legal punishment they face. Both were extraordinarily pro-Trump, anti-Clinton spokemen during the 2016 presidential campaign. Flynn Jr. regularly brought up conspiracy theories, such as PizzaGate, and his father loved egging on the crowds chanting “Lock her up!” at Trump rallies.

Oh, the irony.

Flynn would be the first member of Trump’s administration to be charged by Mueller’s team. Manafort and Papadopoulos were a part of Trump’s campaign, but neither were on his team once Trump was sworn into office.

Grab the popcorn. Here’s a video of Flynn insisting that “Crooked Hillary” drop out of the Presidential race because of her criminal activity. Just… take it in.

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