Former RNC Chair Expertly Trolls Trump With Just Four Words (TWEETS)

After Republican Ed Gillespie lost the Virginia race for governor on Tuesday, President Trump wasted no time tossing Gillespie under the bus even though he had urged voters to support him in the days leading up the the election. Trump tweeted out:

Translation: Don’t blame me! It’s sure as hell not my fault! Look, a shiny new silver dollar…whoa!

Former Republican National Committee chairman (RNC) wasted no time reminding Trump of one very important fact:

Since facts do matter (despite what Trump would have you believe), Trump did NOT win Virginia in 2016. The final tally was Clinton 49.73 percent, Trump 44.41 percent. Not even close.

Steele got plenty of support and appreciation for his comments from others on Twitter. Take a look:

h/t Huff Post

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