Sean Hannity Says Roy Moore’s Accusers Are Just Trying To Get Rich (VIDEO)

During his opening monologue of his show Thursday evening, Fox News host Sean Hannity wasted no time defending Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl in 1979. Worse, however, Hannity also blamed the victim and suggested she was just trying to make money off her accusations.

Hannity began by declaring the Washington Post story about Moore is politically motivated:

“John McCain has now just called for Roy Moore to withdraw, whether or not the allegations are true. Okay, so now you’ve got the swamp, you’ve got the sewer, you’ve got the establishment — they hate Roy Moore. Roy Moore, to them, is another Ted Cruz, another Mike Lee, somebody they can’t control.”

And then the noxious host began blaming the victim:

“There are false allegations made. You know, I can tell you another thing that is a common practice, people make an allegation at, for example, big corporations. Big corporations, they make a business decision, ‘Alright, if I pay $200,000, this goes away, okay, you’re out of here, we’re done with you, it’s all over,’ even though they don’t believe it happened.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Hannity then brought on a guest, Mercedes Colwin, a Fox News legal analyst, to bolster his disgusting charges. The Fox host asked Colwin:

“Now, I know, and this goes back what you said, do people do it for money? Do people do it for political reasons? Is that more common than people would think?”

Colwin gladly repeated the Fox line:

“Some jurors don’t believe it, because … in their own lives there are people who have made these accusations for money. You see this time and time and time again.”

Actually, studies show that 70 percent of those who are sexually abused or harassed don’t report the incident because they’re afraid of retaliation or being blamed if they do.

Interesting how Hannity was ready to have Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein drawn and quartered when allegations of sexual harassment and assault were leveled against him. But when a woman dares to accuse one of his political saviors — Donald Trump or Roy Moore — he’s only too happy to defend them and slag the victim. That’s the very definition of hypocrisy.

Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab