Mike Pence’s WikiLeaks Lies Prove He’s A Key Target Of The Mueller Investigation

It’s become the Washington, D.C version of Where’s Waldo: Where in the world is Vice President Mike Pence? President Trump has been in Asia for the past week and a half, but no one has laid eyes on Pence. Did Mike take a winter vacation? Is he hunkered down in his office, busily working? Or is he trying to stay out of the spotlight and count the days until his boss is impeached and he can finally be in charge?

With the recent WikiLeaks revelations regarding Donald Trump Jr., it seems much more likely that Pence has been in endless meetings with his attorneys, because it’s starting to look like he too may be on the path to indictment.

Earlier this week, a bombshell report in The Atlantic carefully spelled out how WikiLeaks had been in constant communication with Trump Jr. during the course of the 2016 campaign, even offering advice for him to pass along to his father. WikiLeaks also let senior members of the Trump team know they were in contact with Trump’s son, and that means it’s now virtually impossible for Pence to deny he knew anything about collusion with Russia.

You may recall that earlier this year, the vice president said he had absolutely no idea that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn had accepted money from both Russia and Turkey. But Pence was head of the transition team, so how did that information slip by him?

Also, on October 14, 2016, during an appearance on Fox News, Pence was asked if the Trump campaign had any contacts with WikiLeaks. To that, he replied:

“Nothing could be further from the truth.”

See a pattern here? Much like Donald Trump, Pence’s default position when asked about anything to do with Russia is to start lying.

Let’s play a game of hypothetical possibilities: Donald Trump is indicted and impeached. Mike Pence becomes president. But within minutes of being sworn in, a new indictment is unsealed with his name on it and the impeachment process begins yet again. Pence is just as dirty as Trump when it comes to the Russia matter. But he stays in the background and hopes no one will notice.

Sorry, Mike, but Mueller has you all figured out, and he’s gonna bring you down, too.

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