Legal Expert: Jared Kushner Will Wind Up ‘Doing Hard Time’

Of all the figures in the Russigate scandal, perhaps none has as many connections to Russia as President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

On Thursday, we learned that Kushner — who also serves as a senior White House adviser — failed to turn over documents requested by Congressional investigators that relate to a “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite.” This raises the question: What is Kushner attempting to hide? Why is he afraid to come clean about all of the contacts he had with Russians?

This latest revelation drew the attention of Harvard Law professor Lawrence Tribe, who wrote on Twitter:

While Tribe didn’t specify exactly what charges Kushner might do that hard time for, it seems safe to assume he may be charged with lying to investigators, money laundering, conspiracy, and even perjury for lying on disclosure forms he filled out before he joined the administration. Kushner has amended those forms several times after new Russian connections were revealed by the press.

It has long been believed by legal experts that Kushner and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn are the keys to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the 2016 election. Both have intimate knowledge of what transpired during the race for the White House and also once Trump took office in January of this year.

Imagine the quandary Kushner will be in: Does he tell everything he knows to Mueller and implicate his father, brother-in-law, and even his wife? Or does he play the role of fall guy, remain silent, and do decades in federal prison as a result? It seems hard to picture Kushner lasting long behind bars. But is he willing to bring his entire family crashing down by cooperating with Mueller?

In the weeks ahead, expect to hear much more about Jared. He’s up to his neck in scandal.

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