The 21 Things Trump Does That Show He’s Guilty As Sin (TWEETS)

A lot of the smoke wafting from the investigation into Russia’s effort to hack the election for Donald Trump wafts from the Oval Office itself. But a former public defender believes there’s an awful lot of fire–and complied a lengthy list of reasons that show why.

Seth Abramson is an English professor at the University of New Hampshire and HuffPost contributor. However, he is probably best known to us as the man who revealed that the events leading up to James Comey’s infamous letter three weeks before Election Day were shot through with unethical and potentially criminal behavior by rogue elements in FBI and several members of Trump’s inner circle.┬áBased on information that was publicly available, Abramson believes that the FBI was well aware long before Comey told the nation there was no there there that the emails discovered on Huma Abedin’s laptop weren’t new at all. Rather, they were copies of emails the FBI already had.

Additionally, while the agents investigating Anthony Weiner didn’t have the time to alert FBI Director James Comey about this discovery, they found the time to tell the agents working the email server case, as well as two of Trump’s closest advisers–Rudy Giuliani and Jim Kallstrom. Lest you dismiss this as mere unprofessional conduct, not only did Abedin never get a copy of the warrant, but when the warrant was released, it seemed to be based on mere speculation of criminal activity rather than actual probable cause.

Anderson knows what dodgy law enforcement activity smells like; he was a public defender in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He also knows how someone sounds when he or she is innocent or guilty. He was one of the earliest to report that Michael Flynn was about to flip, for instance. With that in mind, he compiled a list of the things Trump has done, based on widely reported information, that strongly indicate he did collude with Russia.

Abramson promised only 20, but provided a bonus 21st anecdote for our pleasure.

All pretty accurate, based on what we’ve seen from Trump over the last few months. And remarkably well-timed, too. Trump did most of these things just on Tuesday when he raged about the “golden showers” dossier being “FAKE NEWS!”

Abramson spent several months preparing this list in consultation with a number of defense attorneys after David Swerdlick of The Washington Post encouraged him to analyze Trump’s behavior for potential signs of consciousness of guilt. It’s not the first time he’s done such an analysis; back in February, he concluded that Trump displays a number of common signs of a guilty person.

Keep this thread on file the next time you see Trump go into one of his patented 280-character rants.

(featured image: photo art courtesy Ben Park, Vanity Fair)

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