Dem Congressman To Trump: Americans Have A Right To Protest Too (TWEETS/VIDEO)

For the last year-plus, diehard supporters of Donald Trump have warned us against daring to oppose him. Their explanation? If we take to the streets, our keyboards, and our phones to speak out against Trump, we are unpatriotic and un-American snowflakes. Heck, some think that we’re driven by demons and witchcraft.

That’s why it felt more than a little jarring when Trump himself loudly tweeted support for the recent protests in Iran.

That disconnect was not lost on one of Trump’s biggest gadflies on Capitol Hill, Congressman Ted Lieu. The two-term Democrat from west Los Angeles has made a name for himself as one of Trump’s most ardent social media foes. It’s worked well; he has the fourth-highest Twitter following in the House.

In an interview with Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies last fall, Lieu said his philosophy to countering Trump is simple–fight Trump’s lies with the truth.

Lieu told Jefferies that Trump is engaging in a systematic attack on our democratic institutions, such as the press and the courts. He initially wanted to give Trump a chance to govern, but it took him only two months to realize he was mistaken.

Now, as Lieu told Mashable last spring, he believes Trump is on “the road to authoritarianism.” However, he has reason for hope. He’s seen people getting involved who have previously stayed on the sidelines–not unlike Obama’s first campaign.

Just in case Trump hasn’t figured it out yet, Lieu decided to remind him.

That tweet could have just as easily been directed at Trump diehards who think that we should just get over it and accept Trump as president.

However, Lieu believes we should do a lot more than just tweet. As he told Mashable last spring:

“It can range from doing something as simple as writing a letter to the editor on an issue they’re upset with. Attending marches and rallies. Giving money. Registering people to vote. Working on a campaign. It’s up to folks, but everyone should try and get involved in something.”

Message received, Congressman. And it’s a message that should be delivered–and loudly–to Trump in 2018. the face of the nearly daily outrages from this White House, we will persist and resist.

(featured image courtesy Lieu’s Facebook)

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