Pizzagate Peddler Tries To Defend Slander Of Chrissy Teigen And John Legend–And Fails (TWEETS/VIDEOS)

Most of the reality-based world knows that Pizzagate is a hoax. There is no evidence whatsoever of a wide-ranging pedophilia and sex trafficking ring involving prominent Democrats and celebrities. But there’s a significant segment of far-right bloggers, trolls, and pseudojournalists who are still looking for perversion under every rock. That’s how people are still talking about Pizzagate even after it almost got someone killed.

Under the circumstances, a lot of people wondered–when would someone finally push back against this lunacy? Well, it happened in the waning hours of 2017. When one of the most notorious promoters of Pizzagate, Liz Crokin, claimed that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were part and parcel of Pizzagate, Teigen and Legend didn’t take it lying down. They loudly demanded that Crokin back down, and have let it be known that they’re seriously considering legal action.

Well, Crokin didn’t get the hint. Over the weekend, she fired off at least two tweets accusing Teigen and Legend of being a pedophile–or at least covering for pedophiles.

On the face of it, it looked like Crokin was all but begging Teigen and Legend to sue. But to hear Crokin talk, there’s a method to her madness. She would have us believe that this whole episode is part of an effort to blow the worldwide pedophilia ring wide open–with the help of the White House.

On Saturday, Crokin chatted with fellow conspiracy theory peddler Sarah Westall about the latest developments in the effort to expose Pizzagate. The discussion initially centered on the identity of “Q” or “QAnon,” an anonymous 4chan user who supposedly posts “inside” information about the Trump administration. Those who follow his posts are said to “follow the white rabbit.” Watch part 1 here, and part 2 here.

Crokin has long believed that “Q” may very well be Trump himself, or at the very least is a senior White House adviser. She was even more certain of this in November, after Trump shared a list of his “accomplishments” compiled by MAGA Pill, a rabidly pro-Trump site. At the time, MAGA Pill had been breathlessly promoting Crokin’s claim that the government had a swath of tapes showing Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin molesting a teenage girl. When Crokin saw Trump tweet about MAGA Pill, she skipped and danced. Watch here.

Moving back to this weekend, Crokin told Westall that there’s a major bust of pedophiles coming–and QAnon is playing a key role in dribbling out details. People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch got a clip of that discussion here, snipped from part 2 of Crokin’s chat with Westall.

Crokin claimed the feds are about to arrest dozens of pedophiles on sealed indictments and throw them in Guantanamo Bay. She claimed that Trump and his inner circle are using QAnon to “wake up the masses” and prepare them for what is coming, “so there will be the least amount of civil unrest as possible.”

Among those about to be caught in this supposed dragnet–Teigen and Legend. You may recall that Teigen and Legend were flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo on All Nippon Airways just after Christmas when the flight was forced to turn around and fly all the way back to LAX. Apparently a passenger got on the plane with a boarding pass from United Airlines, and the crew discovered it four hours into the flight.

But Crokin claimed that wasn’t the real story. She told Westall that according to one of her sources, Teigen and Legend were the targets of one of these sealed indictments and were trying to flee the country–only to have their flight diverted on orders from the feds. Supposedly, a number of celebrity pedophiles have been busted in this manner. To hear Crokin tell it, Teigen and Legend were offered a deal–attack her as “a white hat false flag” to get people talking about Pizzagate again.

Calling this unhinged would be kind to it. Indeed, if I were Teigen and Legend and Crokin peddled this under oath, I’d be demanding that she be tested for drugs. That aside, though, if I were Teigen and Legend’s lawyers, I’d be taking notes. Clearly, Crokin is doubling down on her slander. After this, I’m really hoping that Teigen and Legend make good on their threat to sue

You may be wondering–why mention this at all? But Teigen and Legend have been bombarded with harassment since Crokin first went after them. They’re standing up for everyone who has been harassed by bottom-feeders like Crokin and don’t have the resources to fight back. No one should have to endure this. Ever.

(featured image courtesy Anna Khait’s Facebook)

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