Trump Surrogate Opens Mouth About Clintons, Joy Reid Shuts It For Her (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s diehards have made some pretty lame attempts to defend Trump calling African nations “shitholes.” One of the lamest attempts involved a typical Trumpian move–deflection. It came on one of the last places you would expect someone to try it–an MSNBC show.

On Sunday, Stephanie Hamill, an adviser for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, dropped by Joy Reid’s “AM Joy.” She was in very high spirits, based on a tweet she fired off on Saturday night.

But she was in for a surprise. Watch here.

Hamill was part of a panel that included The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin and freelance journalist Anushay Hossain. When Reid asked Hamill what she made of Trump’s comments, Hamill started screaming, “FAKE NEWS!” Specifically, it was “the biggest fake news story of the week.” Never mind that members of both parties heard Trump say it.

But then Hamill started peddling fake news of her own. She claimed that we shouldn’t be angry at Trump. No, no–we should be angry at the Clintons for looting Haiti. For some time, a conspiracy theory has floated around that Chelsea’s 2010 wedding to Marc Mezvinsky was paid for with Clinton Foundation funds originally earmarked for Haiti. But there’s no evidence to support it. Sadly, that conspiracy theory may have caused undecided voters to break for Trump.

That wasn’t the only conspiracy theory peddled by Hamill. She also claimed that Klaus Eberwein, the former head of Haiti’s economic development agency, had been whacked last summer before he was about to blow the whistle on the Clinton Foundation. Not so, says Snopes. In truth, Eberwein committed suicide after falling on hard times. Somehow, the conspiracy peddlers at YourNewsWire twisted it into a hit by the Clintons. Notably, it took a quote from a Haitian activist protesting the Clintons and misattributed it to Eberwein.

Rubin cut Hamill off, saying, “What are you talking about? This is nuts!” Reid was slightly more restrained, but remembered that Trump-worshiping pastor Mark Burns had tried to peddle the same baloney on Saturday. It made her wonder if she and Burns had gotten the same talking points.

Hamill tried to explain herself, but Reid wasn’t about to let her wriggle out that easily.

“I don’t know you, Stephanie. We don’t know each other, but let me just explain to you–this is not Fox News. We’re not going to play the game of rolling out crazy conspiracy theories in the answers to my questions.”

Hamill didn’t seem to get it. She claimed it wasn’t a conspiracy theory. But Reid told Hamill that she was more than welcome to answer questions, but she wasn’t going to peddle fake news. She put Hamill “on pause” for awhile until she could learn how to actually contribute constructively.

Incredibly, the deplorables actually believed Hamill won this exchange.

They must have been watching a different show. What the rest of us saw was a conspiracy theory peddler get the only treatment that she deserves.

(featured image courtesy Phil Roeder, available under a Creative Commons-BY license)

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