13 Times Stephen King Utterly Trolled Donald Trump

Stephen King is a horror writer known for well over 75 novels, short stories, and novellas. He has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump since he started running for office in 2015. He even said President Donald Trump is scarier than any character he had ever written.

For a while, the President had Stephen King blocked on Twitter, but a judge ruled that Trump can’t block Americans because those are Presidential announcements.

1. This gem from 2019.

2. This hilarious response to Trump appearing on his favorite show.

3. This epic Harry Potter reference.

Deatheaters are monsters in Harry Potter that suck out souls.

4. A recent tweet from Mr. King.

President Donald Trump has been complaining more about the statues being taken down than the actual people being killed by police.

5. This comment about Florida reopening.

It’s bad when the real world sounds a lot like a Stephen King story.

6. This comment on the COVID numbers.

It’s true, we now have the highest number of deaths from COVID and Donald Trump was playing golf.

7. This reference to Trump’s empty rally.

Trump had his first rally since the virus started and it was a variable petri dish (of the people that were there).

8. This tweet about how real life is echoing The Stand.

The Stand is about a killer flu virus that escapes from a government lab and the hell that follows.

9. That time he compared Trump to H.P. Lovecraft’s famous monster Cthulu.

Stephen King tweeted this.

A twitter account claiming Cthulu is running for president tweeted back:

10. Another one about Trump’s empty Tulsa rally.

Even Tabitha King is getting in on the fun.

11. This point when Trump said jobs are up.

This is King’s response to Donald Trump saying that jobs are coming back.

12. This recent gem about the COVID deaths.

13. This epic finish to Trump’s two tweet rant about winning the election.

Featured image: Twitter and Flickr, Gage Skidmore.