Check Endorsement! You’ll Never Guess Who Endorsed Hillary Clinton For President (VIDEO)

Check endorsement! Yep, it was none other than Mitt Romney running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) who said — ON THE AIR — in 2013 that he thought Hillary Clinton would be an excellent president. This is the story I wrote back then.

check endorsement

In a move that shocked everyone, probably even himself, former GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) used part of his time on Sunday?s?Meet the Press?to?praise President Bill Clinton and?Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He seemed regretful that she did not win in the 2008 presidential election, and he firmly believes (with no hesitation at all) that she would have solved the deficit problem.

?Look, if we had a Clinton presidency, if we had Erskine Bowles as Chief of Staff of the White House or President of the United States, I think we would have fixed this fiscal mess by now. That’s not the kind of presidency we’re dealing with right now.? (Meet the Press live transcript)

Erskine Bowles?was chief of staff during the Clinton administration, and currently co-chairs the bipartisan?Campaign to Fix The Debt.

Watch Ryan?s?incredible check endorsement of Hillary Clinton below:

Meet the Press?host David Gregory noted that during the?inaugural?luncheon, Ryan was seen talking with Bill and Hillary Clinton and expressed curiosity about the conversation. Ryan responded that they were simply ?just kind of chumming it up.?

?We were talking about personal health,? Ryan said. ?Both of us lost our dads when we were young and we were just talking. I got concussions when I was young and Hillary was talking about hers.?

Gregory asked Ryan about his thoughts for his own possible 2016 presidential run. Ryan was quick to respond with ?I don’t.?

?I think it’s just premature,? he added, ?I’ve got a job to do. I represent Wisconsin, I’m chairman of the budget committee at the time we have a fiscal crisis.?

This is so transparent. The truth is, Ryan wasn’t so much praising Hillary Clinton as he was dissing President Obama. That’s what this was about.

One has to wonder if he’ll be singing this same tune in the 2016 presidential election should Secretary Clinton decide to run. Of course, we’ll all have this video to demonstrate that even the hardest right GOP supports our candidate. Do we even need a Republican nominee if even THEY are endorsing our candidate? I think we should all?head over to Twitter to thank Congressman Ryan?for being the first Republican to call for Hillary 2016.

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