Ethics Concerns Continue To Plague Michele Bachmann (Video)

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Tea Party darling and World Net Daily’s Woman of the Year, Michele Bachmann has had another campaign staffer come forward publicly about possible ethics violations. Peter Waldron, a former campaign staffer, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) back in January. He alleged in the complaint that the Congresswoman paid some campaign workers from her Political Action Committee (MichelePAC), in violation of campaign finance laws. (Source: Star Tribune) ?Now Huffington Post and the Minneapolis Star Tribune are reporting that Andy Parrish, Bachmann’s former Chief of Staff, will corroborate Mr. Waldron’s claims.

But don’t worry, Bachmann fans! Glenn Beck has revealed that this is all a part of a plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to discredit her.

Somehow the Muslim Brotherhood was able to convince Mr. Parrish “a widely known evangelist enlisted by the Bachmann campaign for outreach to Christian conservatives” (Star Tribune) to betray her on their behalf. ?Why? According to Beck, “she is uber-clear on what is going on” because she is in Minnesota. She knows that we have been infiltrated by radical Islam and has asked too many questions about why so many Somali refugees have been settled in her district. Beck apparently wants us to believe that if she loses in 2014 it will not be because she has made a fool of herself.

Sure, that is believable.


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