People Of Faith Band Together To Make Marriage Equality A Reality In Minnesota


Image Credit: Minnesotans United for All Families
Image Credit: Minnesotans United for All Families

This is a very refreshing photograph from the Facebook page of Minnesotans United For All Families?that really shows how much change is happening in various faith communities regarding the LGBT community. While there are still many hateful people out there, this group has, instead of using their various faiths as an excuse to hate the LGBT community, they are, uniting across the lines of different faiths to support equality for all.

I admit that my fundamentalist Christian upbringing, along with various other incidents surrounding religious hatred of me as a person simply because I am gay, made me very wary of getting too close to anyone who professed faith of any kind. Now, however, the tides are turning, and, people ?of faith are starting to fight for equality. This is a great healing process that has needed to happen for a long time. Well done, Minnesotans United For All Families. You truly are trailblazers. What is even better is that it is because?of your faith that you wish to make full equality a reality, rather than in spite of it. This gay atheist takes her hat off to you.


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