Bachmann Using Scare Tactics To Raise Money

Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is being investigated for ethics violations over improper use of campaign funds during her failed presidential bid as well as the theft of a personal email list but she is not above manipulating people into giving her more money. Ms. Bachmann recently sent out an email saying that she has created the “Protect Religious Freedom in the Military” Pledge and asked the recipients to sign it.

What if our brave soldiers were told they couldn’t practice their religion? That they were able to fight for OUR religious freedoms but they couldn’t practice their own??

This may seem far-fetched, but unfortunately if some get their wish,it could soon become a reality.?

You see, just last week Pentagon officials met with left-wing, anti-Christian activists to discuss military issues. And one of their biggest concerns? Not military readiness… Not sexual assault… Not the safety of our brave men and women… But religion and religious proselytizing in the military.?

How radical are these anti-Christian activists consulting with the Pentagon? One of the activists in the meeting compared sharing the gospel to “spiritual rape” and “treason” that should be “punished.”

After the meeting, the Air Force published a document declaring that leaders of all levels, including chaplains, may not “promote their personal religious beliefs to their subordinates or to extend preferential treatment for any religion.” And the penalty these activists are seeking for those who don’t comply? A court-martial.?

(Name removed), this policy must be stopped now before it moves forward. How can we take away religious freedom from our troops when they are fighting to protect ours??

I have created the Protect Religious Freedom in the Military Pledge, and I hope you will join me by adding your name.?

If you agree that we cannot and should not prevent our military from practicing their own faith, then I hope you will sign the pledge and afterwards forward to your friends and family.?

You can count on me to always fight for our troops. I will not rest until this is addressed and made right.?

Please show your support by signing the Protect Religious Freedom in the Military Pledge now.


Michele Bachmann?

P.S. We owe our freedom to our troops. The very fact that we are able to live in this great country is thanks to the troops both current and present. Today we must stand up and support our troops and show them we will not stand for this injustice. I hope after you sign the Protect Religious Freedom in the Military Pledge you will support my campaign so I can have the funds necessary to continue fighting for religious liberty and our troops. Thanks.

So, left-wing, anti-Christian activists are conspiring with Pentagon officials to violate the religious freedoms of our troops by making sharing the gospel a court martial worthy offence.


The problem with this assertion is that it isn’t even close to true. These rules are nothing new, it isn’t some conspiracy to make practicing one’s faith against military rules. The military is a unique pluralistic environment because of military rank and authority. Chaplains in the military are all officers so they are in a position of authority over all enlisted personnel. They could very easily put undue pressure on a subordinate, even without meaning to. Chaplains are also required to meet the spiritual needs of the service member not change it. The rules are the way they are to protect the religious freedom of our troops, not to take them away. This inflammatory language is bad enough but after you fill out the pledge form you are taken to a page asking for campaign donations.


The heading on this page: “Obama and the Democrats are targeting Michele for speaking out against their extreme liberal agenda. They will do, say, and spend anything to defeat her.”?After you have been primed with the dramatic imagery of the soldier posed at sunset alongside the heart-wrenching, if untrue, story about these poor soldiers being targeted for their faith, you are presented with the claim that Ms. Bachmann is being targeted for speaking out against an extreme liberal agenda. They will spend anything to unseat her so please help. But her 2014 campaign was ?in danger before it is really started because she kept her seat in 2012 by just over one percent of the vote after outspending her opponent by a twelve to one margin. It sounds more like she is the one who will spend anything to win.

Edited By: SB