Throwback Thursday: Just Who Is This Precocious Princess?

This young girl grew up to have a very important position in the government, but she had pretty humble beginnings. She grew up in the segregated South, so she experienced racism and its associated violence. But her parents had bigger dreams for her. They told her that although she wasn’t allowed to have a hamburger at Woolworth’s, when she was grown she could be anything she wanted, including President of the United States.

Photo Credit: NPR

Although she hasn’t obtained that goal, her parents made sure that she was prepared. Both of her parents were educators – her mother was a teacher and her father was a college professor and a minister. While her parents had political aspirations for their only child, this talented girl at first aspired to be a classical pianist. After all, her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother had musical talent. But true to her precocious nature, she was not only smart in the classroom and in the arts, she was also very athletic. She’s tough on the tennis court, but is also a graceful sight on figure skates. But once she got to college, things changed. As predicted, her career path soon veered towards politics, first as a professor in political science, and eventually in a very important position in the White House – just not the President.

If you still haven’t figured it out, her nickname as an adult includes part of the headline. Or you can cheat and click HERE.

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