Throwback Thursday: Who’s This Nerdy Nixon Supporter?

This well dressed young man was born in Colorado, and was a middle child with four siblings. He was the quiet kid who wore a pocket protector, Hush Puppies shoes, and was known for carrying around a briefcase. He was the very definition of a “nerd”. He and his siblings moved to Nevada because his stepfather (who later adopted him) got a job there with a mining company. He lived in a typical 1950’s rambler home in the small town of Sparks, Nevada.

Although he was known to be quiet and reserved, he did make his mark in politics at a young age. He describes how he got caught up in the presidential race that was going on at the time. The nine year old was enthralled with Richard Nixon, so much so that he plastered a bumper sticker to his bicycle. A girl in his neighborhood saw this, and promptly beat him up. She happened to like Kennedy. But he didn’t let that deter him. While in high school, a teacher encouraged him to run for student senate, which he won. Surely it helped that he rode into the school gymnasium in a convertible sitting between two popular girls.

So do you know who this nerdy Nixon supporter grew up to be? If you still can’t figure it out, click HERE.

Other sources for this piece can be found here and here.