GOP Obamacare Lies Confronted By Angry Constituents At Town Halls (VIDEOS)

August recess Town Hall Meetings have turned ugly for Republican congressmen as angry constituents fact-check them on Obamacare and confront them on GOP Obamacare lies.

The town hall meetings that were so popular with the GOP before the last election have suddenly turned ugly for Republican Congressmen. Increasingly, their constituents who are supportive of Obamacare are calling out their lies over the program.

Take Florida Representative Daniel Webster. On Thursday, he attempted to explain to his constituents in a town hall meeting why he voted 40 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. His Obamacare lies:

I believe that Obamacare is bad for America, and the reason is … (stammer) … and so does the President.

At that point, the audience erupted in protest. Cries of “No, he doesn’t” were followed by demands to know “What about the seniors in your district?” and “What about us”? Above the uproar, a woman’s voice could be heard, saying “… cancer … no insurance.”?

Webster continued his Obamacare lies, saying that the problem with the Affordable Care Act is that it isn’t ‘affordable’ because so many expensive things have been added that will cost money. A woman cried out, “It’s saving money.” He continued with a statement that the cap on out-of-pocket expenses has been abandoned by the president–and is corrected by multiple voices protesting that it has merely been delayed by one year (and only for some insurers).

At that point, the moderator attempted to quiet the crowd while a man called out, “Well, tell him to stop lying” which prompted a chorus of agreement.? Another said, “You’re trying to shut us up” followed by someone else saying, “State the facts.”

You can watch the video of the meeting here:

Webster’s experience isn’t an isolated one. A week previously, Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina was met with significant displeasure at his town hall when he tried to defend his position on Obamacare and his Obamacare lies. Constituents confronted him with their difficulty in obtaining coverage when they have pre-existing conditions. One man explained that he has to pay $1300 a month for the only insurance he and his wife could get — a state-sponsored plan. When McHenry suggested that such individuals should join high-risk pools — notoriously expensive and ineffective — he was booed by the crowd.

Watch the video here:

Many Republican Congressmen have been avoiding town halls altogether out of fear of confrontations by Tea Partiers who are also unhappy about the votes on Obamacare. Only, at this end of the spectrum, they’re furious that the whole thing hasn’t been repealed and want their representatives to take the suicidal path of shutting down the government to achieve that goal.? According to the New York Times, when Congressmen do schedule meetings, they often try to hide where and when they will take place.

One prominent Tea Partier, Matt Kibbe, said:

The whole thing is very anti-democratic, and it’s classic behavior of entrenched insiders … We’ve lost that Rockwell image of citizen participation in democracy.

The GOP made its bed with their Obamacare lies and now must lie in it. Unfortunately for them, they chose to make it between a rock and a hard place. Now, the rest of the country can enjoy the spectacle as they try to squirm their way out.

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