Minneapolis Mayoral Race Spawns The Most Bizarre Ad Ever

With over 30 candidates running for mayor of Minneapolis, it can be pretty hard to get your voice heard above, well, the herd. ?But Democratic?Farmer?Labor Party?contender Jeff Wagner has managed to do so with his “Wake the F**k Up” campaign and his promise to “not even go to the strip clubs anymore” if he is elected.

Turns out, his approval ratings are going through the roof.

Mayoral candidate Jeffrey Wagner has a simple message for the people of Minneapolis: ?Wake the fuck up.?

In the most bizarre campaign ad you’ll see all season, Wagner,?reportedly?a member of the Democratic?Farmer?Labor Party, emerges from a lake in his boxers, coffee in hand, in response to an on-screen request for a mayor that really ?represents the people of Minneapolis.?

Wagner says he’s cool making $100K a year, and he makes a few campaign promises. ?”I will not take money from the developers. I will not take money from the political angle. I will not even go to the strip clubs anymore.?

No strip clubs? That’s serious.

And now, sit back, pour yourself a cup of java, and get ready to “Wake the F**K Up” with Jeff Wagner’s campaign video.

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