The Koch Brothers Have Their Creepy Obamacare Ad Used Against Them

When it comes to political ads, there’s Christine O’Donnell weird, there’s Herman Cain weird, there’s Jeff Wagner weird, and then there’s this gem from, funded by the Koch brothers — that is trying to scare the ever-loving crap out of young Americans about Obamacare.

The premise of the video is simple. Obamacare is something to be feared, something to be avoided, and most of all it’s something that will put the big scary government right in the middle of your health care choices. Nothing says “run like the wind” than a pretty young girl with her feet in stirrups and a big giant Uncle Sam bobblehead holding a cold menacing speculum in the air.

The sinister overtones of the ad have not been missed by many a website, with most displaying a completely horrified face after watching it. Take the Daily Banter for instance:

I’m not sure what they expected to achieve with this disaster, other than to troll people like me, but they certainly won’t win over many women by suggesting that Ghoulish Uncle Sam will rape them with a speculum if they sign up for Obamacare. By the way, congratulations, Koch Brothers, you just turned Uncle Sam into a rapist villain. God Bless the U.S.A., etc.

Along those lines, how many times will opponents of healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act continuously gorge from the same old government-run healthcare? trough? It’s well-known that the individual mandate and the marketplace were originally Republican ideas, but, naturally, if your goal is to undermine the law it’s more effective to ignore those facts and to pretend that Ghoulish Uncle Sam is going to insert foreign objects into the vaginas of American women who are stupid enough?to buy into the marketplace.

That horrified face people are making? That’s precisely what the Koch brothers and all the politicians they have bought and helped make it into office want. They want young healthy Americans to not sign up because they will offset the price of health care from those who are sicker, thus spurring on Obamacare to failure.

The most ironic part about the Koch brothers video is that, while it tries to scare women into believing that the government is going to force itself up inside them, the Koch brothers have sponsored dozens of political candidates who have either advocated for or enacted legislation forcing women to undergo vaginal probes before being able to have an abortion.

So who’s really trying to violate women when they are at their most vulnerable? Well, take a look at the Koch Blocked parody ad created from the original Koch brothers ad, and see which feels more accurate to you.

Seriously though…it’s almost like the Koch brothers were serving this one up on a silver platter to be parodied.