“OMG, GMO”: A Movie Exposing GMOs

In 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale. They should have harvested, stored, and preserved the crops they had in light of this devastation. Instead, residents of Haiti set fire to 475 tons of Monsanto donated corn and vegetable seed, not in protest, but in a desperate attempt to save their families from the dangers of GMOs.

Jeremy Seifert, an American, was perplexed by this act and headed to the Caribbean to find out the true story behind this seemingly unorthodox act. What he found there led him on a search. This search would take him across the world and back again, this time returning with some startling information Americans are kept in the dark about.

Seifert, through his research, has found that several corporations, including Monsanto, are genetically modifying their way to control of the world’s food sources. He realized that not only are genetically modified seeds creating foods with unknown side effects, but that there is little to no control left of the world’s seed business.

What this means to America, is a corporate control over our most important resource, food. Food, which due to scientific modification, may seriously risk the health of the citizens in this country, who have no idea they are even eating it. America is one of the few countries left that does not require labeling of GMO foods.

If that is the case, then what do the other countries know that we are being kept in the dark on? How dangerous are GMO’s really, if other countries are willing to burn their only source of food because it is scientifically generated?

When speaking to Take Part about the dangerous subject of GMO’s said,

?The patenting is made possible by ?inventing? a new thing, which is essentially jamming the DNA from one organism into another, something that nature has never done. [Genetic modification] is crossing a boundary with consequences that we still don’t fully understand. GMO seeds are a new enough creation to substantiate patenting, but have been termed ?substantially equivalent? to non-GMO crops by the FDA (with help from the companies that ?invented? them), so that no new or different testing has to be done. It’s a win/win for the corporations! Brilliant!?

?All of our questions and more, he is sharing in his GMO Film entitled ?OMG, GMO.? Currently Seifert is raising funds to license this project and has recently released the trailer to this highly anticipated film. Screenings are available in select areas which can found on the official website.

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